Saddle Marking


policesaddle_markSaddles and other items of tack are often found by Police Officers, who have no way of verifying ownership or returning it to a lawful owner. The Tandridge Rural Affairs Office, together with the Tandridge Crime Prevention Panel, is running a simple, but effective marking system.

A circular logo pressed into the leatherwork of saddles or larger items of tack, containing the words, SURREY POLICE, 0845 125 2222 and a serial number.

A database will be held of all Tack that has been marked; this will be available to Police Officers, who will be able to make an immediate check on any item of tack that they may come across. Anyone who is about to purchase any marked item will be able to check that it is not stolen. A registration document will also be issued, describing the tack and showing the registered owner’s details.

A nominal registration fee of £5.00 is payable.

For further details contact PC 911 Chris Aegerter the Tandridge Rural Affairs Officer on 01737 386622 or e-mail. Tandridge Rural Affairs Office, 21 Saxbys Lane, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6DL

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