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BSA XL Tactical
BSA Tactical

BSA XL Tactical £285.00 with scope £325.00

Total practicality for hunters comes courtesy of the XL Tactical, the sensational new addition to the BSA family. All the power and performance of the Lightning XL in a super-durable, all-weather, synthetic stock designed by Jon Sykes of renowned airgun development specialists Hydro Graphics.

The XL Tactical’s stock is computer-designed to provide everything sporting shooters need, and nothing they don’t. The specially-developed, hi-impact polymer compound used to form the stock is always warm to the touch, provides secure grip and remains warp-free in all climate conditions. The ultra-practical Tactical – a sporter for all seasons!

Power Levels

  • .177 11.5 ft lbs/825 fps
  • .22 11.5 ft lbs/570 fps

To order

  • .177 FAC 15 ft lbs/900 fps
  • .22 FAC 16 ft lbs/665 fps
  • .25 FAC 18 ft lbs/660 fps
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